Another week, another goals! The difficulty of this week’s goals exceeds the previous by far, yet I’m well motivated to complete them thanks to last week’s results.

For this week, my primary goal is to slowly get myself back into studying discrete mathematics and algorithms. At first, I thought of including watching lecture videos in the list of goals, but I chose not to since they’re a review of lectures I took at UCSD after all. Instead, I plan to focus on solving homework problems and exams with the assistance of course readings and books.

Additionally, a long-awaited update to Duels is set to be released this week. The plan is to release a development build early next week for members on my discord for some final fine-tuning and testing and then push the update globally.

Last but not least, I’ll attempt to solve at least 10 problems from Cracking the Coding Interview. The goal is to go through the whole book at least once before I’m discharged from the military.

Goals for the Week