This week was a busy week disturbed by an unexpected short leave. Still haven’t been able to get myself to focus on studying discrete math and algorithms. It’s frustrating because I very well know that I’m gonna enjoy it once I pick up the pace and get more involved in learning. Getting myself to actually start is the problem, and being stuck in the military is not helping.

On the bright side, however, I managed to complete the “Solve 10 Cracking the Coding Interview questions” goal! 👏 Although I rushed through some of them, I had the right idea for the majority of the questions, and I feel that’s enough at the current stage. I definitely need to brush up on my Data Structures knowledge though.

Regarding the Duels update, it is getting beefier than what I had originally expected. Supporting a wide range of Minecraft versions is such a cumbersome task 😕 But it’s getting there, slowly but surely.

Lastly, I applied for readmission to UCSD this week, which went through without issues. It’s just the first step among many other steps before reentering the US, but feels like an important one for sure. Can’t believe my return to school is actually drawing near! 😲

Goals for the Week