A pretty peaceful week with no unexpected events! Feels like it’s been a while since I last had such a week. I hope it’s not the calm before the storm…

This week, I completed 2.9 goals out of 4. Not a bad result considering the unusually heavy workload I’ve been under throughout this week at the base, but I could’ve done better. Still, I’m taking comfort from the fact that I managed to complete the higher difficulty tasks.

First and most importantly, the next Duels update has beeen finally released to the wild! I really had to cut down on the to-do list to meet the deadline, but it’s still pretty massive for an update mostly consisting of bug fixes. While writing the update post, I noticed that the last update was on March 15, 2022. Really need to get out of the habit of releasing an update once every year…

Next is the partial completion Mathematics for Computer Science homework #2. I finished the recitation problems and went through 90% of the problems on the main problem set. I’m the most happy about this achievement since it personally felt the toughest out of all the goals. Now that I’m back on track, I’m going to bump up the difficulty a bit for next week’s goals.

In addition, I solved 5 Cracking the Coding Interview Problems. Not as much as last week, but they were still helpful in practicing logical reasoning and critical thinking.

Still could not get myself to run some kilos this week. Really starting to debate whether the additional leave I earn from reaching the 850km mark is worth the time…

Goals for the Week

  • Release the next Duels update: Complete! 😃
  • Run 12km in Nike Running app: Incomplete 😕
  • Solve 5 Cracking the Coding Interview Problems: Complete! 🙂
  • Solve Mathematics for Computer Science HW #2: 90% complete. 🙂